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Sughosh`s Union


Members attended International Conference 29th Nov. 2012

Bapu - Complete Life History

Introduction to local bodies 02.10.2012

Prize & Scholarships

For nearby rural students 15.08.2012

Clothe & Food Distribution

Started frm 5th July 2012

Seminar on Indian Culture

Cameo Institute15th May 2012


March 31st, 8:30pm-9:30pm

Republic Day 2012

Prerna & Protsahan Mission

Village Rojadi, Rajasthan

Prerna & Protsahan Mission

Competitions for rural students Vinayak Mission 12th Aug. 2011

Plantation Program

Santoshi Nagar Project 1st May 2011

Post-Card Protest

Post card protest 15.6.2011-15.11.2011

Shanti Sangharsha

Candle Protest in support

of Lokpal Bill. 08.06.2011-21.08.2011


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Registered NGO under Rajasthan Society Reg. Act 1958(176/KOTA/2011-12)

Sughosh India is an NGO and is working voluntarily in various fields like cleaning, education, training, awareness, plantation, protests, research and related social services.

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